Thursday, 29 January 2009

A small start

To give us a kick start we decided to make a small piece of art work that would be able to go on a large greetings card.

We wanted to show what we first thought of when we said "Maya".

As you can see Jan thought of treasure and I thought of the sun.

Both these pieces measure around about 3 inches.

Jan's Mayan Treasure is made using different handmade papers and painted paper clay with tiny beads.

My Mayan Sun has a layered organza background with the sun made from handmade silk paper with seed beads for dimension.

We find it interesting that we used similar materials.
We are trying hard not to look at each others work, while it is in progress, just to see how similar we really do work.

Hugs, Alis


Jill said...

Lovely pieces both...this is already a fascinating project, seeing how closely you both think - will be so interesting to follow this through .

On a Whimsey said...

Wonderful to see how two artists develop a theme. Will keep watching with interest!